Modern and elastic store locator

POS-Eye is a modern and flexible service that allows you to display and search outlets, which can be integrated with any website. Help find places where customers can buy your product or use services.

By locating your branches on the map, you will not only help your customers find you, but also analyze where you can look for new recipients for your services and products.

The solution is fully integrated with any website. In a few steps you will add and configure the service.

Clear price plans with the possibility of increasing and decreasing at any time will ensure that you will always fully use the potential of store locator.

Manage locations

Showing your branches on the map will not only facilitate customer searches, but will allow you to look at your network in a broader perspective

Simple and clear interface

Adding and editing locations available to everyone

Browse your data

Showing your networks on a map will allow you to see the connections and diagrams that will help you make business decisions

Making it easier for clients

A simple and intelligent search engine will instantly display the locations of your branches

Autocomplete address suggestion

Customers can enter and immediately verify the address for which they want to search for branches


Decide for yourself how to search for your points: the nearest branches, all within a given radius or by belonging to areas

Use your data

Thanks to the extensive API, you can use your data in other applications or share them with colleagues and clients.


The API allows data to be used in other software using popular data formats such as GeoJSON.


Share data with your clients or partners. See for yourself that data processing allows you to increase profits.

Try our sample store locator powered by Pos-Eye

Check out Pos-Eye for more complex requirements

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