Why us?

Placematic is an expert in the field of building innovative solutions that use and integrate spatial information to improve the efficiency of business processes.

Placematic is an experienced supplier in the field of geomarketing, geocoding, WebGIS, GIS software, mobile GIS as well as digital data and maps. Is also an official reseller of HERE Maps API solutions.

Placematic co-creates the first online location analysis service in Poland (LocIt.pl) and develops the SaaS platform for e-commerce with delivery (UpGrid.com).

Our experience

Many years of experience in the use, integration and development of GIS tools

Implementation of GIS expert solutions

Geomarketing data

Providing micro-spatial potential data to several dozen companies operating on the Polish market

Creation of the www.locit.pl website for independent assessment of location potential

The use of mobile operator data to determine the real zones of influence of shopping centers

Construction of statistical models predicting sales point turnover


Placematic sp. z o.o.
Nowogrodzka 50/515
00-695 Warsaw