The best way to estimate the potential of your future business' location.

Whether you are opening your first or a 1000th store, the location is both the key success factor as well as a key risk. Thanks to LocIt within few minutes you will know much more about any location in Poland so you can invest wisely.


LocIt is an easy-to-use solution that allows you to make better decisions regarding the development of the sales network without having to resort to complicated technology and long-term data acquisition.

  • Over 8 million address points,
  • Available data on residents, companies, competition,
  • Analysis of the report in an interactive (online) and PDF format,
  • Readability and easy interpretation of data,
  • Synthetic measures of location attractiveness assessment,
  • Powering Business Intelligence (BI) systems,
  • Data visualization in the form of maps,
  • A quick process based on 4 steps

Placematic supports LocIt solutions in the full range of application functionalities, including maps, address search or report generation

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  • The application is stored in Placematic server infrastructure and made available via the Internet

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