Ordering Stack Delivery

Complete solution for restaurants for online sales

Ordering Stack Delivery is a modern solution containing a restaurant menu, shopping cart, payment system, delivery areas and more.

  • Ordering Stack Delivery functions independently as a web application (PWA) that can serve as a platform for online ordering.
  • Customers can order meals from the restaurant by phone, tablet or computer.
  • Extensive product configuration.
  • The appearance of the ordering application can be adjusted.
  • Modern payment methods: Blik, Tpay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, payment card, online transfer.
  • Up-selling and promotions (discount coupons, loyalty programs)
  • Simple implementation – integration in less than 3 days.

Placematic supports Ordering Stack Delivery solutions in address search and area management

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  • Address search is simple and precise due to the auto-complete address data.
  • Improved user experience, reduced the abandonment of baskets and ensured timely delivery.
  • The restaurateur’s panel is based on UpGrid app which helps in managing locations and creating delivery areas.
  • Using advanced wizard, you can easily and quickly create new delivery areas optimised for your location..
  • Placematic technology allows you to immediately verify the address during shopping online and in case of chain of restaurants determine paticular restaurant to prepare an order.

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