Online truck routing.

Frachtero is an easy-to-use solution for small and large enterprises, shippers and carriers that enables online truck routing.

Truck routing has never been easier. You will define route points (start point, destination point and optionally intermediate points). You can select vehicle parameters or select a vehicle from the list. You choose your preferred settings, and the system will give you up to 12 different alternatives within seconds, from which you can choose the route variant that suits you. You will make a comparison of toll costs, distance and driving time. You can easily drag the route manually through the selected places or optimize the order of stops at “meetings”.

Thanks to this, you can accurately estimate transport costs and minimize the risk of making wrong decisions.

When planning the route, you will get suggested stops for breaks, check available parking lots, gas stations and other points of interest POIs.

You can easily share the route with other users, whether via a unique link or on Facebook groups for carriers. Just put a link to your route along with a description of the freight or free vehicle.

Placematic supports its Frachtero solutions in the full range of application functionality, including maps, routes, optimization or address search

  • Real routes for trucks (up to 11 alternatives optimized for time, distance or costs),
  • Actual travel times (net and with breaks),
  • Cost calculator (toll and all freight),
  • Live traffic and road incidents,
  • Truck parking lots,
  • Reliable ETA,
  • Postal Codes,
  • Saving routes,
  • Sharing routes with other users via a link and directly on Facebook,
  • Optimizing the order of stops (collection),
  • Vehicle profile management,
  • User management

A great solution that will benefit many carriers. We have made every effort to meet the expectations of our client.

  • We have provided subscriptions for HERE Location Services components
  • We have developed programming components for individual application components
  • We maintain some services in the Cloud infrastructure in 3S Cloud2B
  • We are a distributor of HERE Maps solution in Central and Eastern Europe and we specialize in mapping solutions for business.

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